Katie Kanisky is a fictional character portrayed by Kari Michalesen on the NBC sitcom Gimme A Break! which ran from October 29, 1981-May 12, 1987.

Katie was the eldest and most troublesome of three sisters. She did many things her father, Carl Kanisky, the Chief of Police in Glenlawn would not approve of. Between 1981-1982, she shoplifted, revealed she was using an IUD for birth control, was part of a stuck up club in school made up of scummy girls who slept with stupid boys and talked about it, she then had her sister Julie cheat on a college test for her so she would be able to get into college when the time came, and decided to move with some of her friends to Los Angeles, CA, where she wanted to move and depart from the show, despite just wanting to move there to "be a star" without thinking much of it.

Never a bright student, Katie was the boy-crazy girl of her sisters, and Julie would often get jealous of the attention Nell would give to her and how Katie had all the guys she wanted while Julie was dateless. The two struck up a war when a boy Julie liked and invited over decided to get tortured and tutored by Julie just so he could push his way to Katie, but once Katie saw that the guy used Julie, she dumped him.

Katie became more free-spirited as she reached the end of high school in 1983-1984, to graduate and go to college. She dated a college professor named Michael, who was aged 35 and was much older than her, she was much younger than him, despite her father's objection to date him,and she and a friend named Rita who decided to open a boutique instead of going to college, much to only Nell's objection.

In 1984-1985, Katie was working at her boutique and showed signs of struggle when she needed money to save it and Joey helped her by raising money breakdancing at the beach. In spring of 1985, Katie decided to move into one of her friend's apartments while she went off to star in a Broadway musical and the Chief objected to this, but soon let her live her own life at her own apartment and didn't interfere anymore.

In 1985-1986, Katie's life was pretty much at a turning point. After the years of passings and sadly deaths of her grandmother, and her parents, Margaret, Mildred and the Police Chief Carl Kanisky, Katie was seen less and less at the Kanisky house, but stopped by from time to time and always kept deep secrets from the family. One secret Nell found out, was Katie was seeing a married man named Warren Sandler, an author who is publishing his books, and another was Katie's boutique was at the brink of closure at the same time she broke up with another of her many boyfriend's, named Mark. Nell found out that Katie was closing the boutique and shutting it down in early 1986, and then she got a job offer in San Francisco and was moving there in the fall of 1986 to be a buyer at Chadwick's. The last time we see Katie, she stops by the house with a load of laundry for Nell to do and now changed her hair to brunette, though when she goes on dates she wears a blonde wig as blonde's usually get easily taken advantage of in business, This is the final time we see Katie in person, The Kathleen 'Katie' Kanisky character has finally moved to San Francisco, CA to start a job there and work as a buyer at Chadwick's and she is therefore now moving there and is now written out of the series, she moved away and she is no longer seen afterwards, after the 1981-1986 seasons. she has left the show and is now no longer on the show after 1986 in season 6, explaining she's moving to Bay Area to work there at Chadwick's and she's not seen on the show after season 5. She is now written out of the show in early 1986, after the end of season 5, for her departure from the series.

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